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Dear Guests

More than ever, your safety and wellbeing is our top priority. In accordance with the current epidemiological situation in our country and in the world, we have established all the necessary procedures in order to protect your health and provide fully enjoyment in your vacation.

In order to reduce the risk of infection, we have established additional measures in our hotel.
Checking into hotel

  • Please check your temperature before you start your trip. If you travel with friends and family also check their temperature. Please stay home in case that you notice high temperature, respiratory problems or any other visible health issues that involves cold, because in order with security measures, hotel will not be able to check you in.
  • Upon entering the hotel, please disinfect your shoes by crossing through desobarier and disinficate hands on our contactless hand sanitizer.
  • Wearing face cover is required from the first moment of entering the hotel, on all public areas in the hotel, except while sitting down at your table in one of our restaurants or bars.
  • In case you don’t have face cover with you, you can buy it in the hotel shop.
  • Check in is at reception desk with 2m distance between guests. In order to have quick check in, please prepare required documents, ID cards or passports for all persons (both adults and children) that stay with you in the same room.
  • You will receive room key card during the check in and you should keep it with you during your stay. In case you need one more card for the same room, you can get it at reception desk. All lost key cards will be charged on your check out.
  • In order to preserve your health and safety and also helth and safety of the others in the hotel, please stay in your room (along with other room members) and notify reception immediately in case you have high fever during your stay or any other respiratory problems.


In order to reduce the risk of infection we modified some regular room services:

  • Accommodation units are disinfected with XPOWER disinfection devices between two stays.
  • Daily room refreshment is available only on request to reception. Rooms can be refreshed every day in period 10:00-12:00.
  • Additional pillows or blankets are also available on request.
  • Advance payment before your arrival or payment with contactless credit card is recommended.
  • Hotel facilities and room service can be found on web page or by scaning QR code in your room.

Upgraded cleaning & disinfection protocols

  • Public areas in the hotel and accommodation units are regularly ventilated and disinfected several times a day with XPOWER and VICTORY disinfection devices.
  • Door handles, handrails, switches and doors in hallways are disinfected several times a day.
  • The elevator is disinfected every hour.
  • Sanitizing floor mats and contactless hand sanitizers are located on the entrances.

Personal protection equipment & protocols

  • Wearing face cover is required from the first moment of entering the hotel, on all public areas in the hotel, except while sitting down at your table in one of our restaurants or bars.
  • Alcohol based hand sanitizers are also available in all areas of the hotel and in the hallways.
  • Hotel staff is trained to apply all prevention measures and safety protocols issued by local authorities.
  • Special protocols have been taken from the moment employees arrive at work until they leave work, which increases the safety of our guests and staff.


  • Service in our restaurants is adjusted to the current situation and safety protocols.
  • Upon your arrival in the hotel you will received information about your board meals time. You can also choose option which includes board meals served in your room.
  • In case you have food allergy or special diet, please inform the reception before arriving at the hotel.
  • Depending on epidemiological situation, there is a possibility to change working hours in our restaurants.

Covid measures

  • In case that the high temperature is measured or any other respiratory problem is noticed during the check in, according to the safety protocol, hotel will be obliged not to allow guest check in or check in the other guests that travel together in the same vehicle.
  • If guest don’t wear face cover or refuse to put it, hotel staff in charge to control safety measures, will be obligated to escort guest out of the facility.
  • The temperature will be measured, unannounced, to all hotel guests several times during their stay to ensure safety and health of guests and employees in the facility.
  • If it is established that one of the guests has a temperature, he is obliged to stay in the room with his companions. Guests can order by telephone if they need something and board meals will be delivered in the room. Room can be left the room only in case they are going to doctor (COVID ambulance Brus) or for previously arranged and approved by reception check out from the hotel.
  • Access to all hotel facilities, including children's playrooms, is only possible for visibly healthy people. In case of severe health or fever, children will not be allowed access to the playrooms.

Hotel Reception staff is on your disposal, as always, on local 500 or on number +381 64 886 02 25

We hope that hotel Junior will remain one of your favorite destination.
We are looking forward to welcome you soon and to create new memories together!

Hotel Junior team