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06. Jan, 2022.

A day before the most joyous Christian holiday of the Nativity - Christmas, Orthodox believers celebrate Christmas Eve, which is the name given by the Yule tree that is cut on the day and lights.
Serbian Orthodox Church believers celebrate Christmas Eve preparation for the celebration of Christmas - the birth of Jesus Christ, the most joyous Christian holiday.
Hotel Junior reminds you how Orthodox once celebrated Christmas Eve, by we will respect the traditions as much as possible.

Yule tree is cut of the oak branch, which has, among Slavs, always been a sacred tree. The Head of the family is going into the woods to cut the Yule tree.
This is a symbolic landmark in the shape of oak branches and a straw with a twig dogwood, all bound in red tape that scares off evil spirits and brings good luck and happiness.
Before cutting a tree hosts has to wish the tree "good morning", congratulate the Yule tree on his holiday, and say a prayer to bring health and happiness to the family in which the Yule tree be entered. Then he sprinkled wood with the grain. The Yule tree should not be touched with bare hands. Also, the head of the family takes care to cuts the Yule tree from the east because it should fall to the east. Finally, someone who is trying to cut the Yule tree supposes to make sure that "the tree is not bothered" and to bring down from the single blow.
After returning from the forest, the host puts the Yule tree leaning against the house wall, and when the first darkness comes Yule tree is carried into the house and put on a fire.
When the sun goes down, the host brings the Yule tree and straw into the house. Then the host says "Christ is born" and members of the house greet him with "Truly He is born".
When the straw is on the floor on it woman is throwing gifts for kids (apples, nuts, candies, and sweets later) that require them to search for flipping straw. Giving gifts to children in this way is called a CHIRP (sound of the little chickens).
During the day, a housewife in a sieve put all kinds of cereals, prunes, figs, walnuts, and apples. With these, later on, sprinkles the Yule tree when the host brings it in the house.
While dining in the home must be peace and serenity.

One of the traditions associated with Christmas Eve and is forgiving, so that all those who had quarreled during the year, on Christmas Eve should be reconciled.
Also that day, you need to reinstall everything from a previous year, from last Christmas to now, borrowed from neighbors, relatives, and friends.